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Sorry! I hadn't realized my letter was still locked!

I signed up for Purim Gifts because I love all of the female characters in the fandoms I requested. If you write a story about any of the female characters for the fandom we matched on, I will be a happy camper for sure.

General likes: found family, hurt/comfort, worldbuilding, science fiction tropes (for example, body swap, time loops, temporary superpowers/abilities) played straight or more darkly.

I love gen fic, but if you want to write something shippy, my preference is femslash > het > slash. I multiship like crazy so you're not going to turn me off by writing the pairing (or threesome, or moresome) of your heart. For shippy stories, things I like include pining, unresolved romantic or sexual tension, friends-to-lovers, and forced intimacy scenarios like having to share a bed or pretending to be married to stay undercover.

General dislikes: noncanon established relationships, my faves nonconning or dubconning each other (although outside forces like "aliens made them do it" or love potions are fine)

Definite DNWs: head trauma/brain injury/coma, PWP

I requested fanfiction for the following fandoms, and I'll explain a bit about why I like them.

We Were Liars - E. Lockheart

I am mostly fascinated by Mirren. She seems to be such a believable teenager - she's not the favorite of any of the adults, and she's jealous of her cousin Cady, and she seems at times resentful of her younger siblings. Still, she cares for everyone, probably to her detriment. I would like to see her try to interact with her younger siblings at some point during the main action of the story, or else I'd like to get a glimpse of who she was before that happened.

You could also just write something fluffy involving Cady and golden retrievers, or some character-building for the three adult sisters.

The book itself does hit some of my DNWs, but I'd prefer it if you didn't focus on them if you decide to write for this.

Rick and Morty

I love how much Summer's role has expanded in the most recent season, and I also love the weird/horrible relationship she has with her mother, Beth. Perhaps some weird-ass scenario forces them to solve a problem together, or else they get to spend some downtime together while everyone else goes into space.

Any female character is fair game for this fandom, really. How has Unity cleaned herselves up since her last breakup with Rick? How does Jessica feel about Morty's teenage romantic attention when she's not under the influence of a love potion? What is Arthricia's role in rebuilding society on her purge planet? If you want to write a story about gender politics on Gazorpazorp, go for it!

Longmire (TV)

Love this show (I have also read most of the books) and while it focuses perhaps too much on the men, I think the ladies are great. Vic has always been one of my favorites - her self-destructive streak continues! - and I ship her with just about everyone else. I also the development between Cady and Mandy, who has insinuated herself into Cady's legal clinic but also adopted her as a sister. I'd also love to read about a day in the life of Ruby, or know whether or not Gab turned into a red-tailed hawk. The Crow medicine woman was her own kind of badass - how did she get addicted to Diet Coke?

Underground (TV)

I am so looking forward to season two coming in March, which is unfortunately stymieing my ability to come up with prompts. (Also who knew that "stymieing" was spelled that way? Seems like way too many vowels). I do love Boo the best, and I would love to read stories about her either before or after she becomes part of the Macon 7, although please please please don't let anything too bad happen to her.

Would also love Rosalee, Ernestine, or Elizabeth "saving the day" in their own ways.


I love Olivia and Astrid and their alternate universe counterparts a whole lot. While there was stuff I loved about season four, especially regarding Astrid, I would prefer stories written for this fandom take place before the events of the season three finale.

Eureka & Warehouse 13

I put these together because they do take place in kinda the same universe, after all. These are my fun, feel-good shows to watch, so I don't tend to read dark stories here but I do love all the characters and their goofy, fun adventures. I would love any crossover story between these two fandoms, but separate stories if you're not familiar with both would also be great. Casefic or adventures or female characters with friendly/sisterly interactions with each other would be fantastic!

Mrs. Frederic is one of my all-time favorite characters, and I would love any insight into her mysterious life.


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