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Dear Yuletide writer,

Thanks in advance for writing something for me! I hope you have fun writing because I definitely will enjoy reading whatever you come up with.

I've listed likes/dislikes/do-not-wants for each fandom I requested, because they are fandom-specific for me.

Vic Moretti
Cut for Season 5 spoilers and length.

Likes: gen, het, femslash, hurt/comfort, impregnation and/or pregnancy kink, loyalty kink like whoa, unrequited love/sexual tension/pining - I had this incorrectly under my dislikes for some reason, and it was probably like that in my sign-up too - sorry!
Dislikes: woobie, whump, fluff, established relationships
DNW: fluff, Vic/Travis or Vic/Eamon as endgame, convenient miscarriage, good girls avoid abortion, original characters (except as needed for casefic), kidfic

Vic Moretti makes some really bad choices that seem to have sent her quality of life spiraling downward since Philadelphia - professional problems, divorce, eviction, and so on - but it's her life made by her choices and she doesn't let anyone fuck with that.

Since Vic is the only character I'm requesting, I've come up with a couple of things I like about her and possibilities with other characters. I'm open to gen or ship fic (or non-incest OT3) with any of the characters mentioned except the Ferg, but I do have a strong preference for fade-to-black rather than explicit porn (exceptions are mentioned in the prompts).

There's a list of more specific prompts at the end if you want to skip all my jabber.

Vic on her own
One theme I really enjoyed in season five was that of the "lone alpha female," and how Vic really began to embrace that identity. I would love to continue that as a motif in her life. Her continued rivalry with Chance Gilbert's family could also be a lode of narrative possibility, as could the possibility of her having to step up and take over Walt's responsibilities while he's suspended.

I know her recent pregnancy storyline can be controversial - a lot of online discussion I've encountered are worried that it's effectively neutered her character. I think it might actually be the opposite; it could be a very strong berserk button for her.

Alternately I'd love to see fic where Vic explores her termination options thoroughly and perhaps goes through with one of them, because it's her choices that fascinate me, and any choice she makes here could be justified. If you go this route, research on the topic that shines through in the story would be appreciated!

Vic & Henry Standing-Bear
These two don't encounter one another that much in canon so it may be difficult to work with, but I am really fascinated by speculating about how they'd interact if they spent more time together. They both struggle with balancing their loyalty and independence in regards to Walt. They have similar qualities - stubbornness, trying to do the right thing even if it means doing a few wrong things first.

Vic & Cady Longmire
Erstwhile roommates, sometime friends - I think there's a lot about their dynamic that could be explored. Again, they both have Walt in common, and I'm sure that could be either something that brings them together or a complicating factor in their relationship. Using Cady as a vehicle to parallel Vic's story with some of those happening on the rez might also be interesting. I'm absolutely open to gen or femslash about these two. (Interesting note: the first time these two interact in canon, Vic is asking Cady to break the law and Vic calls Cady a goody-goody.)

Vic & Police Chief Mathias
These two don't really interact at all without Walt but I think it would be really cool to see them working on a case together - perhaps while Walt is suspended. Vic does seem to be generally separated from all action on the rez, and I think working with Mathias (or Cady, come to think of it) would be a good way to bring her in on it. Remember though that this is not an easygoing relationship; the first time they're shown together in canon they're throwing punches.

Vic & Jacob Nighthorse
Again, I could see some stories happening with these two while Walt is suspended. Actually, it would be really nice to subtract Walt from the equation, since he does seem to accuse Nighthorse of everything. Are there some circumstances regarding Nighthorse where Vic would follow her own lead, instead of Walt's?

Vic & Ferg
I love what small moments we get with him and Vic working together, especially in the last two seasons. More of that would certainly be welcome. I can also see their professional relationship turn into something more personal. For example, Ferg doesn't need to ask for dating advice (he's cleaning up on his own) but the other way around would work.

Vic & Walt Longmire
So firstly - yes, I ship it. But it's not at all a healthy, functional kind of ship. They have very complicated feelings towards one another and they both act out instead of acting on them. They can be incredibly loyal to one another while also kind of fucking each other over. They also enable each others' bad choices a lot of the time. Anyway, I love their interactions whether or not there is anything romantic or sexual between them.

Prompts: Still coming up with some. Sorry.
Vic: lone alpha female, repercussions and rivalries with the Gilberts.
Vic & Henry or Vic/Henry:
Vic & Cady or Vic/Cady: damsel in distress, one to the rescue
Vic & Mathias or Vic/Mathias: casefic that crosses over to the rez
Vic & Jacob or Vic/Jacob: fun - or not fun - at the Four Arrows
Vic & Ferg: working a case, having to go undercover together, professional friends
Vic & Walt or Vic/Walt: one risking it all for the other, sacrifices and loyalty, Walt reciprocates romantic obsession, wishing he was the father, pregnancy kink

General prompts (Vic&anybody): snowed in at the Red Pony, the sheriff's department, or elsewhere; Christmas stories that play with or subvert happiness and family themes; casefic of any kind.

Underground (TV)
Any characters: Boo, Elizabeth Hawkes, Ernestine, James, Cato, Noah, Rosalee
Cut for length.

Likes: gen, het, slash, Rosalee/Noah, Rosalee/Cato, Rosalee/Noah/Cato, unrequited love/sexual tension/pining, hurt/comfort (emphasis on comfort), marriage tropes (like pretending to be married, done in canon, but other tropes welcome too)
Dislikes: fluff, healing cock, the sentiment "but some slave owners were good," white saviors, August Pullman
DNW: anything bad to happen to Boo from now on, slavekink, incest

This show is so exhilarating my fitbit counted time spent watching as exercise. If you have access to it (it's on Hulu) I would absolutely recommend watching it even if you don't plan to write it (unless violence is too much for you - it can be really difficult to watch in that regard).

There isn't a character nominated that I wouldn't like to read about, which is why I selected "any." I've put my preferred ships in the "likes" section but I am open to any non-incest ship of the adult nominated characters. I do have a strong preference for fade-to-black scenarios as opposed to explicit porn.

Here's some jabbering about what I like about each character:

Oh my god Boo - her parents were amazing and heroic and all they wanted was for her to be free, even if it meant sacrificing themselves or one another. But she's been through so much pain and violence, it's hard to imagine she came out unscathed - she did try to shoot John when she thought he was endangering Elizabeth, after all. How does she recover from the trauma that she's suffered?

Elizabeth Hawkes
I'll be honest, I was not all that interested in Elizabeth until she fucked One of the Tree Hills to save Boo from slave-hunters. Prior to that moment, all she had on the line were her life, her liberty, and her bodily safety. To be fair, none of these are small things - but the Macon 7 and all other slaves had these things at stake their whole lives, and not by choice, like Elizabeth did. When she became an adulteress, she compromised both her marriage and her morality, and finally set herself apart (in my eyes) as more than a white heroine figure.

To me, Ernestine is one of the most compelling characters on the show. From what we see, she has subverted the power structure of slavery for much of her life - having more influence than even Suzanna Macon, her mistress - although Ernestine has to work hard to keep this power structure from falling apart. And it does - big time - when she realizes she can't keep her children safe within this system. The escalation of her power struggle reveals how powerless she actually is - and damn does the hammer come down hard on her because of it.

This kid - he had to grow up fast in just an episode. One day he's playing with the master's son (his half-brother) in the big house, and then suddenly the next he's in the cotton fields trying to make weight so he doesn't get beat. He has lost family in every way imaginable - to violence, to escape, to auction. Suzanna Macon made a promise/threat to Ernestine in the last episode of season one, and I wonder if she's going to make good on it.

Like Ernestine, Cato at the beginning seemed like he was grasping at any power he could, but through compliance rather than by subversion. He surprised me immediately with his escape. It took several episodes for him to finally open up - to Rosalee - about why that was. He and Rosalee and Noah built a relationship throughout the season based on mutual survival - how close was it? How might it be affected by Cato's abandonment?

Noah has been almost entirely single-minded from the beginning: he thought of his freedom and nothing else but how to get it. That is, until the freedom of another began to mean more to him. Pre-canon or post-season one fic that shows how he got to that point, or how he feels afterwards, would be welcome. How does he handle so much loss? Does he hold himself responsible?

Disparagingly called "house girl," Rosalee proves in troublesome circumstances that she's an unstoppable force, but most of her problems stem from dealing with the consequences of her actions. She's quick to find solutions to the obstacles they face, partly due to growing up in the big house, and I can't wait to see how she puts her skills into action on the Underground Railroad.

Prompts: I don't have a ton of prompts for this one but I may add some later as they occur to me (if it helps, ignore if not!)

Boo & James - precanon, childhood rivalry or jealousy
Elizabeth - dealing with the consequences
Ernestine - separation anxiety
James - back to the big house or not?
Cato - abandonment issues
Noah - Following the drinking gourd, and other asterisms
Rosalee - post-season Underground Railroad
General prompts: Christmas stories are welcome for any character but I'm only interested in Christian themes if the primary focus is on Boo (because of her parents) or Ernestine (because she was baptized) - otherwise I would prefer focus on the more secular (and possibly sucky) aspects of the holiday; post-canon fic for any character

The Sparrow - Mary Doria Russel
Cut for consistency.

Likes: cultural exchange, linguistic learning, world-building, most science-fiction specific tropes
Dislikes: Hlavin Kitheri
DNWs: rewritten character death, anything porny for this one

Sorry this one isn't as long as the others - I picked up this book just a few weeks ago, and haven't had as much time to process my prompts. (Also the book was borrowed, and I couldn't do any canon review before sign-ups closed!) I am still gutted over what happened to Askama in the book, so I would like more of her in any way possible, really. If you want to write something about her pre-canon or interacting with her family or the human characters after their arrival to Rakhat, but before the massacre, that would absolutely be welcome. Christmas themes with Sandoz, religious or otherwise, might be something to explore. Or you could do something heartbreaking and write about how excited Askama was to bring Sandoz his family, and how she may have anticipated his reaction differently - I'll be gutted all over again and that's fine I'm already dead inside.

Happy Yuletide!


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